Maximizing Your Earnings: The Power of VRBO Cohosting for Vacation Rental Managers

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In a rapidly evolving vacation rental market, the concept of co-hosting is gaining traction as an optimal approach to property management. Through platforms like VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner), co-hosting opens up exciting new opportunities for both property managers and short-term rental hosts. This article explores the power of VRBO cohosting and how it can significantly maximize earnings.

A Comprehensive Understanding of Co-hosting

What Is Cohosting?

Cohosting involves a partnership between the property owner and another individual or company who assists in managing the vacation rental. This includes handling bookings, guest communications, maintenance, and other administrative tasks.

Why Choose VRBO?

VRBO is one of the leading platforms in the vacation rental industry. With a strong reputation for quality, reliability, and ease of use, the platform offers property managers and hosts an excellent foundation for their cohosting partnership. If you are already using Airbnb, here’s how to sync Airbnb and VRBO calendars.

Can You Cohost on VRBO?

Co-hosting on VRBO is not only possible but encouraged as a means to optimize the management of vacation rental properties. The platform recognizes the value of collaboration between property owners and cohosts, providing tools and features to facilitate this partnership. Cohosting on VRBO can significantly enhance the efficiency of managing rentals by dividing responsibilities, which in turn can lead to higher occupancy rates and increased profits. It’s a strategy that resonates with both seasoned property managers and those looking to enter the vacation rental market.

The Benefits of Cohosting with VRBO


Maximizing Profits

One of the most compelling reasons to consider VRBO cohosting is the potential to maximize profits. By collaborating, the property owner and cohost can divide responsibilities and focus on their respective strengths, leading to increased efficiency and potentially higher earnings.

Maximizing earnings through VRBO cohosting is connected to crafting effective SOPs for property management.

Increasing Property Visibility

Through VRBO’s expansive network, property managers and hosts have access to a wider audience. This leads to higher occupancy rates, and therefore, more revenue.

Enhancing Guest Experience

A well-managed cohosting partnership ensures a more responsive and personalized guest experience. With each party focusing on specific roles, guest queries and needs are addressed more swiftly, leading to satisfied customers and repeat bookings.

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Best Practices for Cohosting on VRBO

how to add co host on vrbo

How to Add a Cohost on VRBO?

Adding a cohost on VRBO is a straightforward process, designed to foster collaboration. Once logged into the account, the primary host can navigate to the “Account” section and then select the property they wish to manage. Within the property dashboard, there is an option for “Cohosts,” where the primary host can send an invitation to the prospective cohost by entering their email address. Upon accepting the invitation, the cohost will have access to manage specific aspects of the property, as defined by the primary host. It’s a seamless integration that acknowledges the value of teamwork in providing exceptional guest experiences and property management.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Clearly outlining roles and responsibilities can prevent confusion and ensure a smooth operation. A formal agreement, detailing who handles what, sets the foundation for a successful partnership.

Leverage Technology and Automation

Utilizing the latest tools and technologies available through VRBO can save time and money. Features like automated messaging, guest screening for scam protection, and booking management free up valuable resources, allowing hosts and property managers to focus on providing outstanding guest experiences.

Maintain Quality Standards

Quality is a non-negotiable factor in the cohosting relationship. Regular inspections, quality control measures, and adherence to VRBO’s policies contribute to maintaining high standards that guests expect.

VRBO Cohosting: Overcoming Challenges

can you co host on vrbo

Legal Considerations

Cohosting might come with legal complexities depending on local laws and regulations. Researching and understanding these regulations, or seeking legal counsel, is a crucial step.

Conflict Resolution

Differences in opinion or misunderstandings can occur. Effective communication, defined processes, and a willingness to collaborate can alleviate these challenges, leading to a strengthened partnership.

What Is the Difference Between Cohosting and Property Management?

Cohosting and property management, while intertwined, serve distinct roles within the vacation rental industry. Property management encompasses the overall administration of a property, including marketing, maintenance, guest interaction, and financial aspects. Cohosting, on the other hand, is a specialized collaboration within property management where specific responsibilities are shared between the property owner and a cohost. The cohost often takes on tasks such as guest communication, booking management, or other defined duties. While property management can be handled solely by the owner or a management company, cohosting allows for a more flexible and often more hands-on approach, capitalizing on the strengths and expertise of both parties. It’s a partnership that can enhance efficiency and profitability within the broader spectrum of property management.


Cohosting on VRBO offers a promising and innovative way to manage vacation rentals. With clear benefits in profit maximization, property visibility, and guest satisfaction, it presents a valuable strategy for property managers and short-term rental hosts.

By understanding the dynamics of cohosting, leveraging technology, and nurturing collaboration, one can unlock the true potential of VRBO cohosting. In a competitive market, it’s not merely a trend but a forward-thinking approach that may well define the future of property management in the vacation rental industry. It’s an opportunity that, when approached with diligence and creativity, can transform the way rentals operate.

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