No More Bad Guests

Intelligent reservation and guest screening for short- term rentals

Autohost scans, ranks and inspects every reservation and flags for risks. From enquiry to check-in, we continually analyze reservation changes and notify the manager or operations team with actions to take, reduce your risk, avoid parties, fraud, chargebacks, crime and potential damage to your business



Our proprietary algorithm scans every reservation, even when it changes, to make sure nothing slips by.


Each guest reservation is clearly tagged with a color-coded risk classification and easy description.


Based on the risk score, we provide actionable recommendations, giving your team the confidence to move forward.


When a guest makes a booking we automatically send them a link to confirm their reservation and ask for additional information based on their risk levels.

Higher risks guests are required to provide a lot of information in order to reduce the risk, while low risk guests can snap through the verification with just a couple of clicks!


We collect, parse and analyze thousands of parameters to make sure the guests are those who they say they are, collect and  verify all the information required, validate that it's true and accurate, providing the manager a piece of mind and ultimate experience for the guest.

What does Autohost look for?

Using our proprietary algorithm we screen guests, Autohost examines different parameters to evaluate the risk level of guest reservations and if necessary run a complete background check on the guest. We then provide suggestions on how to manage the reservation, such as additional questions to ask the guest. We flag for the following scenarios:

  • High-risk guests
  • Bad behaviour
  • Parties and troublemakers
  • House rules compliance
  • Rental fraud
  • Escort & criminal activity
  • ID fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Third party bookings
  • Hidden revenue opportunities
  • Compromised accounts
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Who uses Autohost?

Autohost automates your guest screening process. We combat fraud and guest misbehaviour, while flagging potentially risky reservations. Autohost is used by the following industries:

  • Airbnb Hosts/Co-hosts
  • Airbnb Property Managers
  • Vacation Rentals Managers
  • Short-Term Rental Managers
  • Hotel Operators
  • Motel Operators
  • Hostel Operators
  • Property Management Software

About Us

With more than 50K check-ins under our belt, we've become experts in the short-term rental industry. We love hospitality  and our objective is keep keep the good guests in and the bad guests out.


We noticed that new employees were spending 80% of their time screening guests and reiterating house rules. This manual process was inefficient and open to abuse. By combining our experience and expertise, we developed Autohost, a non-invasive solution for property owners everywhere. Let's put bad guests behind us.