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Frequently Asked Questions

What are business rules?

Business rules are "smart" rules designed to improve your guest-screening flow. With these, you can set instructions to override Autohost's algorithm for factors that are considered risky to your company. When an outlined condition is met in a reservation, Autohost will perform the action that you've assigned in your business rules. For more information and examples of business rules, check out this knowledge base article.

What does it mean when a reservation has been flagged for review?

A "review" status means the reservation displays characteristics that could threaten your properties, your business or the community. There are many reasons why a reservation might be flagged for review—a business rule is tripped, a verification was failed, etc. As the property manager, you must manually review the reservation and determine how to proceed. To guide your decision, Autohost provides a list of top concerns and recommendations. Learn more about reviewing reservations in this knowledge base article.

When will the security deposit be refunded to the guest?

It's important to understand that the "security deposit" is actually a pre-authorization. The deposit amount never leaves the guest's account, but instead is put on hold. In most cases, the hold will be released within 7 days of checkout. To learn about Autohost's security deposit schedule, check out this knowledge base article.

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