How it Works

Process thousands of reservations in one place

A dynamic verification process to vet your guests

guest journey

1. Guest makes a reservation

Guest books a reservation via any booking channel: Airbnb,, VRBO or your direct-booking website.

2. Autohost syncs with PMS

Using our proprietary risk algorithm, Autohost automatically scans the reservation to determine initial risk factors.

3. Preliminary analysis and risk profile created

Autohost analyzes the guest's information and once verified, the guest receives their check-in instructions automatically.

4. Guest completes the online digital check-in portal

The reservation syncs with your property management system (PMS) or channel manager.

5. Autohost Screening AI runs full verification assessment, flagging issues and concerns

The guest completes the online check-in and verification process via desktop or any mobile device.

6. Verified guests receive their check-in instructions for a seamless experience

Guests who have been confirmed and verified receive detailed instructions about the check-in process.

Let Us Show You How It Works

Autohost offers AI-powered screening tools that protect against bad guests and financial losses, all while streamlining your operations.

The ultimate toolset for de-risking reservations

portal screens

Customizable workflow

Autohost’s entire guest screening process is customizable. You decide which of our verifications the guest must complete based on the risk score we assign them. The verifications can be customized to respond to the property listing, the booking channel or even the specific reservation.

Real-time analysis

As soon as the reservation comes into our system, we run a preliminary analysis to calculate a risk score.

The guest is then sent an invite link to complete the Guest Portal, where they go through a series of customizable verifications. Throughout the entire process, we analyze and reanalyze the reservation to provide property managers with up-to-date insights and recommendations.

portal analytics
stargate automessage queue

Automated check-in instructions

Autohost gates the check-in instructions from being sent until the guest has completed our Guest Portal and been verified. Once this is complete, we send the instructions through the original booking channel, email or sms, depending on your preference.

What does the guest see?

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