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Benefits, Autohost

AI-driven guest screening

Using machine learning, we’ve created a dynamic guest-screening process designed to flag risky reservations. Based on the guest’s booking information, Autohost runs a risk analysis, dynamically adjusting the verifications according to the reservation’s risk level. Once the guest has completed the screening process, we provide your team with our suggested next steps.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

When you rely on Autohost to vet and de-risk your reservations, you can confidently remove booking restrictions from your OTAs. This maximizes the visibility of your listings, getting more eyes on your properties. By flagging risky reservations before check-in, we minimize the chance of parties, property damage and criminal activity, reducing costs from chargebacks and unnecessary cleaning.
Benefits, Autohost
Benefits, Autohost

Chargeback Protection

Flag all types of fraud including fake profiles, stolen credit cards and identity theft. Our fraud detection system catches costly incidents before they happen, saving you from paying out huge sums to chargebacks and damages.

Safety at Scale

Keep your properties safe while growing your property portfolio. Autohost introduces a systematic and unbiased process for guest screening that can easily scale to match any-sized property manager through cloud-based infrastructure. The tool automatically vets thousands of reservations, verifying the identities of all guests before safely releasing the check-in instructions and all other proprietary information.
Benefits, Autohost

Cut the unnecessary stress and focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Benefits, Autohost
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