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Everyday, the hospitality industry opens its doors to strangers, leaving it vulnerable to parties, property damage and criminal activity. To mitigate these kinds of issues, Autohost is giving property managers the tools they need to verify transactions and minimize external risks. By combining short-term rental industry expertise with the ironclad defense of cybersecurity, we created an intelligent guest-screening system that assesses reservations in a legal and non-discriminatory way. Using AI, we analyze every element of the booking to determine its risk level. We then augment this analysis with background checks, ID verification and multiple behavioral tests, to make sure guests are exactly who they say they are. We help property managers trust their guests, so they can remove booking restrictions, increase occupancy and scale their business.


A world where online transactions between people and companies are trusted, easy, quick and without discrimination.


To be the primary booking verification provider on the Internet. Reduce losses, increase revenue and improve user privacy.

Company values

  • Be Productive: Bias for Action. Speed matters in business. Document or Automate Everything.
  • Be Fearless: Not afraid to be vulnerable or to fail; Heroes are made not born.
  • Be Great: Self-improvement is my goal.
  • Be a Leader: Take initiative, lead by example, take ownership, deliver results.
  • Be Customer Focused: Start with the customer and work backwards.
  • Be Honest: Earn Trust; Listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully.
  • Be Silly: Promote a playful and imaginative approach to work, fostering creativity and a positive work culture.

How we got started

In 2016, our co-founders, Ela Mezhiborsky and Anton Zilberberg, launched a successful property management company in Toronto, Canada. The goal was to offer luxury and hassle-free accommodations for fellow travellers. But as the company scaled, we dealt with a ton of incidents caused by bad reservations: out-of-control parties, property damage, massive cleaning bills and fraudulent bookings. The tipping point came when a criminal gang hijacked one of our properties, bringing in illicit drugs and automatic weapons. With no available solutions in the short-term rental industry, Ela and Anton created their own. Pulling in cybersecurity expert and long-time friend Roy Firestein, the trio built Autohost. An intelligent guest-screening and automation platform, Autohost was born out of necessity. Bringing together the expertise of the short-term rental industry with the ironclad defense of cybersecurity, Autohost creates a scalable process to review your reservations and keep your properties safe.

The Autohost Guarantee

Protected Properties

Keep your properties safe from parties, damage and more.

Improved Guest Experience

Focus on keeping guests happy rather than screening reservations.

Increased Revenue

Remove booking restrictions to open new revenue opportunities.

Complete Automation

Streamline success by automating your screening and check-in process.

Business Growth Opportunities

Acquire more units without compromising on safety.

Trusted Reputation

Make your brand synonymous with trust and safety.

Our team

anton zilberberg resized

Anton Zilberberg


In loving memory of our founder, friend and inspiration.

Autohost Ela Mezhiborsky

Ela Mezhiborsky

Co-Founder and President

Autohost Roy Firestein

Roy Firestein

CEO and Co-Founder

cam image

Cam Lillico

Head of Operations

Autohost James LaRiviere

James LaRiviere

Head of Success

maria greicer

Maria Greicer

VP of Sales

Igli Panarity Headshot

Igli Panariti

Onboarding Specialist

Gabi Headshot

Gabi Houston

Customer Success Manager

Autohost David Cubar

David Cubar

Customer support

Headshot Austen 1

Austen Bernhardt

Sales & Partnership Manager

Autohost Belle Veloso

Belle Veloso

Customer Success Support

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