Main Features

Screening Assistant

The screening assistant is the backbone of Autohost. It's our proprietary algorithm that looks at hundreds of individual parameters that help establish a risk score for the guest. We look at everything from the guest count to property type and even the channel they made a booking from to provide a systematic way for you and your team to take action.


We interpret the results into simple color coded messages and provide your team with actions to take, minimize risk and screen guests systematically and accurately. 

Guest Verification Portal

Built on top of our risk assessment engine, each guest goes through a dynamic set of screens that collect different types of information based on their risk level. 


Our fraud model identifies the guests by a digital footprint to make sure the guest is unique in our ecosystem. The guest is asked to provide personal information that is validated against worldwide databases of fraud.

All features

Risk assessment

We provide your and your team with a risk assessment for the guest, so you could remove the guesswork from screening.

Digital fingerprint

Every guest on our ecosystem is digitally identified to make sure they only have a single reservation at a time. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning for validation.

flag top risks

You'll get a detailed list of of the top risks we flagged for, even small things that on it's own would not be relevant. 

guest information validation

Guests sometimes don't provide all the info required, we make sure to ask them and validate the missing pieces. 

actions to take

Your team will be provided with the actions our recommendation engine suggest to take in order to reduce the risk of hosting a bad guest.

third party bookings

We flag and protect against third party bookings by asking guests for series of information, notifying your team if anything stands out.

CONTINUOUS monitoring

Autohost scans every reservation from enquiry to confirmed bookings across all platforms. We'll make a new assessment if the guests reservation details change and notify your team.

phone & email verifications

We verify the phone number and it's carrier to make sure it's a real cell phone number and flag if it's not. Our system checks the email to see if it's been associated with a different user, if it's associated with a business or even if was recently created.

payment & security deposit

We verify the guests credit card against a global database of chargebacks and reports. You'll also have the ability to charge a dynamic security deposit based on the guests risk and make sure they actually have the funds on their card. 

Social media validation

We check the guest against all social media platforms to make sure they're real and have a presence. Letting your team know if we flag anything abnormal. 

digital contract

The guest will sign a digital contract that is legally binding, crafted by the top lawyers with expertise in real estate and privacy laws. 

id validation

Autohost uses an ID scanning system used by banks and insurance companies to verify that the ID is legitimate and hasn't been altered in any way. 

privacy compliance

Our entire platform is PII and PCI compliant, we don't store any personal information about your guests. Abiding by international privacy laws.

online fraud

We flag risky IPs, Proxy servers and even high risk countries that are known to be associated with online fraud.