Product Updates for September 2022

Businessman drawing business statistics on glass wall

Here are some highlights of the many recent features we released:

Predictions with NoiseAware

Customers who connect their NoiseAware account with Autohost benefit from more intelligent predictions for parties and noise complaints. Alerts from NoiseAware are sent to our Automatic Incident Reporting system, where they will be cataloged and correlated with other fingerprints. The Autohost Screening AI will use this data to identify past offenders making new bookings with your company.

Autohost will also send email alerts with full reservation context when noise alerts are triggered in real-time. Learn more about how to connect your Autohost account with NoiseAware here.

Apaleo Integration

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Apaleo, one of Europe’s largest property management systems. This advanced integration supports two-way sync between the two platforms to minimize switching between the two tools. Contact us today if you are interested to hear more.

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