Jetstream: Guest Screening and Protection

Case Study:  Autohost for flawless Guest Screening and verifications

  • Autohost works flawlessly
  • Having Autohost is a business advantage for us grow inventory

Roami: Fraud Detection and Prevention

Case Study with Brandreth:  Autohost helps stop fraud before it happens

  • This industry is Hotbed for fraud
  • Autohost flags all the deeper fraud activities others don’t
  • Autohost helped bust open a fraud ring
  • Helps find bad bookings fast, so you can open your calendar back up for availability. No revenue lost.
  • Helps protect good guests from having other bad guests ruining their stay

Hoste: Autohost Process

Case Study with Kilian:  Streamlining Implementation for Enhanced Guest Screening and Risk Reduction.

  • Uses Autohost as sales tool to grow inventory
  • Allows for a great guest experience, no different than how one might check-in to a hotel, but online and automated.
  • Does automated screening based on location, IP address, facial recognition, credit card behaviors, the list goes on…
  • Color-coded analysis to inform if we accept or not. Very accurate and fast.

Jurny: Ease of access to Autohost

Chat with Lucas:  Autohost as a sales tool

Jurny’s integration of Autohost into their free PMS platform represents a significant step forward in making advanced property management tools accessible to a broader range of operators. Lucas talks about how innovative software solutions can effectively address industry-specific challenges, enhance operational efficiency, and drive evolution in the property management sector.

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