Jetstream: Guest Screening and Protection

Case Study:  Autohost for flawless Guest Screening and verifications

Autohost, I never hear anything. Yeah. Which means it’s working flawlessly. It means it’s working. It’s working really well. it’s allowing us, yeah. So again, back to the asset. Like at the end of the day, my business grows by signing up investors or asset owners. They really resonate with the asset protection side. 

“So for me, Autohost, is a sales tool for my business.”

Roami: Fraud Detection and Prevention

Case Study:  Autohost helps stop fraud before it happens

Last year our director of guest experience noticed that there was someone flagged by Autohost. We have a whole guest experience team and they dug into this and noticed that there were all of these other flags that were related to this one name and they were able to basically bust open like a fraud ring.

They had booked a dozen units with us and they were just trying different techniques but Autohost caught it all  before they stayed with us, it was enough time to clear them out of the calendar, open up that availability.

“We didn’t lose any money thanks to Autohost.”

Hoste: Autohost Process

Case Study:  Streamlining Implementation for Enhanced Guest Screening and Risk Reduction.

Hoste employs Autohost software for guest screening and verifications, streamlining the process with notable benefits. These advantages likely include enhanced security through automated screening protocols, efficient guest verification, and a streamlined overall experience, contributing to a more reliable and secure environment for both hosts and guests.

“The earlier we implement Autohost in the process the better”

Jurny: Ease of access to Autohost

Case Study:  Autohost as a sales tool

Jurny’s integration of Autohost into their free PMS platform represents a significant step forward in making advanced property management tools accessible to a broader range of operators. This case study illustrates how innovative software solutions can effectively address industry-specific challenges, enhance operational efficiency, and drive evolution in the property management sector.


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