Improved Chargeback Protection: Product Updates for Aug 2022

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Here are some highlights of the many recent features we released:

Automatic Incident Reports

Autohost monitors and analyzes transactions on payment platforms such as Stripe to automatically create incident reports. We monitor for events such as stolen cards, card stuffing, borrowed cards, fake identity cards, and more. This information is used by our Fraud Detection system to recognize new bad actors in near real-time.

Improved Chargeback Protection

Customers who are using our Payment Verification and Fraud Detection features benefit from enhanced capabilities to predict payment disputes. Autohost analyzes and learns from your past chargebacks to build a fraud graph that is used by our machine learning models. This information is further enriched with data from your CMS or PMS, resulting in highly accurate predictions. Make sure you pay attention to the Fraud Detection recommendations in your risk report.


Repeat Guests

You can customize which Guest Portal screens will be shown to guests that have been verified in the past.

When a guest enters the Guest Portal we quickly run a search to find previous confirmed reservations. We scan all of them to check that none have been declined and override the screens as configured on the dashboard.

Check out the documentation to learn how to use this feature.


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