Product Updates for May 2022

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Here are some highlights of the many recent features we released:

Activity Log

Introducing the Activity Log! This new feature promotes digital transparency and gives our team the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly. As a PM, the Activity Log gives you direct visibility into a guest’s journey through the Guest Portal. Using this log will give you the ability to support guests during the screening process so that you can deliver a pleasant pre-check-in experience. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.


Operto Integration Improvements

We updated our Operto integration to improve the User Experience (UX) for guests. This update will help ensure guests never get stuck. When they get to the last Guest Portal page on Autohost, they will see a loading animation while we are analyzing the verification status. If it comes back as verified (or approved), the user will be redirected immediately to the Operto app, even when they revisit the Autohost link at a later date. Reservations that are marked for review will be shown a message telling them to expect further instructions to arrive via email soon.

Connect your account today to start using the ultimate Digital Check-In Experience.




API Speed Boost

Guest Portal load times and image uploads are faster than ever! Internet traffic of users will now be routed, in priority, directly to the Autohost datacenter by the utility providers, where supported.

To achieve this, we partnered with Amazon Web Services to use their new Global Accelerator Anycast Network. Global Accelerator terminates TCP connections from users at AWS edge locations and, almost concurrently, establishes a new TCP connection with Autohost’s endpoints. This gives clients faster response times (lower latency) and increased throughput.



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