Product Updates for June 2022

fraud graph 1

Here are some highlights of the many recent features we released:

Chargeback Data Science

Our mission is to be the best platform for automated Know Your Customer (KYC). Our data science teams are constantly experimenting and improving our capabilities to detect risks for the companies we protect. To this end we are working to expand our use of Graph-based Neural Networks (GNN), Graph-to-Vector algorithms, Louvain Community Detection, and Degree Centrality queries. These cutting-edge techniques allow us to significantly reduce your fraud and chargeback rates.


Reseller and OEM Admin

Autohost resellers, OEM, and channel partners have their own administrative dashboard to create, update and disable user accounts. This allows your company to connect and manage your customer accounts quickly without delay. Contact us today to inquire about becoming a partner if you need a state-of-the-art risk screening and automation platform. Contact us here if you want to talk to our sales team about partnerships.




Cloudbeds Integration

We are excited to announce that we are now partnered with Cloudbeds, one of the largest property management systems in the world. This advanced integration supports two-way sync between the two platforms to minimize switching between the two tools. Contact us today if you are interested to hear more.


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