Product Updates for July 2022

Product Updates for July 2022, Autohost

Here are some highlights of the many recent features we released:

Airbnb Deposits

We are thrilled to now offer more control and simpler resolution to any Airbnb-related damage or violation claims. With recent updates to Airbnb’s Off-Platform policy, and by overwhelming demand, you can now have the flexibility to charge Security Deposits to Airbnb reservations. Visit our Knowledge Base article on Abiding by Airbnb’s Off-Platform policy for more information, as well as the Security Deposit Screen settings to customize your setup.

Risky Reservations Report

At Autohost we automate the detection of risks and help teams focus where their attention is needed. With this product update, customers can expect to receive email reports when we detect risky transactions that have yet to be reviewed and acted upon.

Product Updates for July 2022, Autohost

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