Product Updates for April 2022

Product Updates for April 2022, Autohost

Here are some highlights of the many recent features we released:

Improved Fraud Predictions

We are incredibly proud of this one. This month, our data science team released a significant update to the machine learning AI model we use to predict credit card fraud. This upgrade bring significantly improved prediction performance and accuracy. We expect this update to help further reduce chargebacks and other risks to our customers. Our screening AI will highlight concerns for each transaction on your dashboard for your team to review in priority.

Reseller and Channel Partner API

Our channel partners and resellers have requested better tools to help them manage the tremendous demand for transaction and identity validation solutions within their platforms. This new API aims to decrease onboarding times.

Authority Reporting Updates

The address field in the Police Reporting screen now uses faster auto-complete and address validation using Google Maps. This change improves the user experience and data accuracy.

Improved Billing Address Validation

We released an improved Screening AI validator for credit card billing addresses. The Autohost Screening AI will highlight anomalies and concerns on your dashboard.

International Digital Contracts

As our customers expand to new international markets, they also need to ensure legal documents are easy to read and understand. Internationalization support for our Usage Agreements and Digital Contracts screen was released to help our customers provide the best user experience.

Track HS Integration

Autohost now officially supports Track HS customers. Integrating Autohost with your Track account is easy. You’ll need to create a new API key and provide it with your subdomain on the signup page.

Updates to Stayntouch Integration

We released a few minor fixes and improvements to our Stayntouch integration. Improvements include better booking source name and guest info resolution.

Personal Info Collection Screen

You can now configure the Personal Info screen on the Guest Portal to collect your customers’ home address and date of birth for insurance and regulatory compliance.

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