In Loving Memory

Anton Zilberberg

It is with an aching heart that we share the devastating news of our Co-Founder and CEO’s passing. Anton died, in his sleep, on September 6th of an unexpected heart attack. He was 33, he was larger than life, and he will stay that way forever.

Those who had the pleasure of knowing him got to experience the raw energy that he spread wherever he went. He was ambitious and fearless, he was funny and charming, he was honest, determined, and true to himself. He was, and always will be, a source of inspiration.

Not many can claim to live life to the fullest, but Anton was one of those few. Life was an adventure and he absorbed every bit of it. Whatever the challenge, he went all in because he made a point to be the best. He was passionate about success, and not only his own. Success in business, in life, in overall growth, the success of his friends, our clients, and partners. He wanted to see people thrive and he touched so many lives in his pursuit to make that happen.

When we say that we’re committed to continue his legacy and strive to fulfill the mission we set together, that’s exactly what we mean. We will do everything we can to learn, innovate, and always be the best; we will embrace challenges and grow from them; we will go the extra mile to make sure we build strong partnerships and real relationships, focusing on continual collaboration, so that everybody wins, so that we all succeed, so that we make him proud.

Goodbye old friend
You’ll soar again
Forever young and free
We’ll hear your voice
In howls of wind
And every swell of sea
Goodbye old friend

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