16 Airbnb Bedroom Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Airbnb bedroom ideas

The world of short-term rentals has grown exponentially over the past few years. As an Airbnb host or property manager, you’re aware of the need to stand out amidst an ocean of listings. But how do you ensure that your guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and are impressed the moment they walk into the bedroom? Let’s delve deep into innovative Airbnb bedroom ideas that’ll elevate your space, making your listing a top pick for travelers.

1. The Perfect Bed: More Than Just a Place to Sleep

Ask any traveler, and they’ll tell you – after a long journey, what they yearn for most is a good night’s sleep. So, how do you craft the perfect sleep sanctuary?

Opt for a High-Quality Mattress:

Investing in a top-notch mattress is non-negotiable. Ensure it’s of medium firmness to cater to a broad range of guests. Memory foam is a crowd-pleaser, offering the right blend of comfort and support.

Bedding Makes a Statement:

Think crisp, white linens that beckon guests. But don’t just stop there; add a pop of color with decorative pillows or a unique throw. Organic cotton or bamboo sheets are not only luxurious but also sustainable, adding an eco-friendly touch.

Have you ever wondered what makes hotel beds so irresistible? It’s often the layers. Consider a mattress topper, a fluffy duvet, and multiple pillows of varied firmness.

2. Best Bed Frame for Airbnb

The bed frame is more than just a supportive structure. It’s the backbone of your bedroom’s aesthetic. So, what makes for the best bed frame for an Airbnb?

best bed frame for Airbnb

Sturdiness is Key:

Above all, your bed frame must be robust. This ensures longevity and assures guests of their safety.

Design Matters:

Whether you opt for a modern minimalist look, a classic wooden design, or an upholstered elegance, make sure the frame complements the overall decor of the room.

Practicality Wins:

Consider frames with built-in storage. These not only save space but also offer guests additional storage options, which they’ll surely appreciate.

Size It Right:

While king or queen-sized beds are often preferred for their luxury, if your room is compact, consider a double bed with a chic frame to prevent the space from feeling cramped.

Bedroom ideas to impress guests should include selecting the top coffee makers.

3. Best Airbnb Comforter: Encasing Your Guests in Luxury

The bed’s comforter can be the defining factor in how restful a guest’s sleep is. But what makes for the best Airbnb comforter?

Material Choices:

A down comforter is a top pick due to its luxurious feel. However, hypoallergenic alternatives, such as down-alternative comforters, are great for accommodating all guests, especially those with allergies.

best Airbnb comforter

Weight and Warmth:

Depending on your location, select a comforter that offers the right warmth. For colder areas, a heavyweight option is preferable. In contrast, if your Airbnb is located in a warmer region, a lightweight, breathable comforter will be ideal.

Easy Maintenance:

Remember, your comforter will need frequent washing. So, choose one that retains its shape and feel even after multiple washes. Look for those labeled as machine-washable and quick-drying.

Style it Up:

While a white or neutral comforter is versatile and exudes luxury, don’t shy away from patterns or colors that fit your room’s theme. Just ensure it remains appealing to a wide range of guests.

4. Bunk Beds for Airbnb

Have you ever considered bunk beds for your Airbnb? While they might evoke childhood memories for many, modern bunk beds have evolved to become stylish and versatile furniture pieces.

Maximize Space:

Especially if you’re catering to families or groups, bunk beds can effectively double the sleeping space without compromising floor area.

Safety First:

Ensure the bunk beds come with guardrails and sturdy ladders. Check weight limitations and ensure the structure is solid.

Design and Comfort:

Gone are the days of clunky bunk bed designs. Today, you’ll find sleek, modern, even luxurious designs that fit seamlessly into elegant bedroom decors.

Versatility in Offerings:

Some bunk beds now come with a double bed on the bottom and a single on top, catering to varied guest needs.

Accessorize Thoughtfully:

Use quality mattresses, plush comforters, and soft pillows to ensure both tiers provide a comfortable sleep experience.

bunk beds for Airbnb

5. Light It Up: The Nuances of Bedroom Illumination

Lighting has the uncanny ability to set the mood. Ever entered a room and felt instantly relaxed, or perhaps even invigorated, without knowing why? Chances are, the lighting played a pivotal role.

Layered Lighting is Key:

Start with ambient lighting from a central fixture. Then, introduce task lighting, perhaps bedside lamps for reading. Finish off with accent lights – maybe fairy lights or a chic floor lamp.

Go Smart with Lights:

Why not impress tech-savvy guests? Integrate smart bulbs that can be controlled via voice or an app. Offer options for colored lighting or even preset moods.

Dimmer switches are also a great addition. They allow guests to customize the lighting intensity, ensuring the space feels just right for them.

6. Storage Solutions: Let Them Unpack and Unwind

Nobody likes living out of a suitcase, do they? When guests check into your Airbnb, they’re looking to feel at home. Providing ample storage space can be the first step in achieving this.

A Spacious Wardrobe:

Even if your bedroom isn’t expansive, you can still offer a sizable wardrobe. Opt for sliding doors to save space and ensure there’s a mix of hangers, shelves, and drawers.

Multipurpose Furniture:

Think beds with built-in drawers or ottomans that open up for storage. It’s all about optimizing space without cluttering the room.

Open Shelving:

A modern touch to any bedroom, open shelving can hold decorative items while also providing space for guests to place their belongings. Just ensure it doesn’t become a dust magnet – keep it clean and minimalistic.

The bedroom, as any seasoned traveler will tell you, is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a sanctuary, a space that offers respite from the rigors of travel. And as an Airbnb host or property manager, the onus falls on you to ensure this space is perfect. Through thoughtful choices, be it in bedding, lighting, or storage, you can create an environment that not only meets but exceeds guest expectations.

7. Wall Décor: More Than Just Paint

While a fresh coat of paint can work wonders, wall décor can elevate the ambiance of a room.

Artwork That Speaks:

Choose artwork that resonates with the locale or exudes tranquility. However, avoid overly personal or divisive pieces. Neutral landscapes or local photography can strike the right balance.

Texture Play:

Consider textured wall hangings or tapestries that add depth and warmth.

Mirrors Matter:

A strategically placed mirror can make a room appear larger and brighter. Plus, guests appreciate a full-length option for dressing.

Window Treatments: Balancing Style and Functionality

The right window treatment can dictate the amount of natural light, privacy, and aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Layering is Key:

Use sheer curtains for privacy during the day and blackout curtains to ensure guests can sleep undisturbed.

Blinds or Shutters:

If curtains aren’t your thing, stylish blinds or plantation shutters can offer a sleek and functional alternative.

9. Ambient Sounds: Crafting a Sonic Experience

Have you considered the sound ambiance of your bedroom? For some guests, a quiet space is essential, while others might appreciate some soothing background sounds.

White Noise Machines:

Ideal for urban settings or noisy neighborhoods, these can drown out disturbances, ensuring a peaceful sleep.

Nature Sounds:

Offering a device or app with nature sounds like rain, waves, or forest ambiance can evoke relaxation.

10. Scent-sational Touches: Aromatherapy and Beyond

Smell is a powerful sense, and the right aroma can elevate the mood of a room.


Essential oil diffusers not only make a room smell divine but can also provide therapeutic benefits. Options like lavender can induce relaxation.

Avoid Overpowering Scents:

While it’s great to have a fresh-smelling room, avoid strong or polarizing fragrances. Stick to neutral and universally loved scents.

11. Personal Touches: Making Your Guests Feel at Home

The small gestures often leave the most significant impact.

Welcome Basket:

A basket with snacks, local goodies, or even just bottled water can make a guest feel welcomed.

Personalized Notes:

Leave a handwritten note wishing your guests a pleasant stay. It’s a touch of warmth in an increasingly digital world.

Reading Material:

Whether it’s a magazine, a local guidebook, or a popular novel, having something to read can be a thoughtful addition.

The devil, as they say, is in the details. It’s the nuances, the small gestures, and the thoughtful considerations that can elevate a guest’s stay from ordinary to memorable. As we round up our comprehensive guide, let’s explore five more elements that can infuse charm into your Airbnb bedroom.

12. Tech Amenities: Modern Conveniences for the Digital Age

In our connected world, guests often appreciate up-to-date tech amenities.

Charging Stations:

Provide USB ports or multi-device charging docks so guests can power up all their gadgets with ease.

Smart Speakers:

Devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home can offer guests information, entertainment, and more at a voice command.

13. Greenery: A Breath of Fresh Air

Indoor plants can instantly make a space feel lively and fresh.

Easy-Care Plants:

Opt for varieties like snake plants, succulents, or pothos that require minimal care but offer aesthetic appeal.

Air-Purifying Varieties:

Plants such as spider plants and peace lilies can enhance air quality, adding an extra layer of comfort for guests.

14. Safety Features: Peace of Mind for Your Guests

Ensuring the safety of your guests is paramount. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are essential for any living space. Make sure they’re functioning and checked regularly.

Provide guests with a list of local emergency numbers, including your own, so they know whom to reach out to if needed.

15. Little Luxuries: The Extras that Impress

Offering a few luxuries can make guests feel truly pampered.

Robes and Slippers:

These hotel-like amenities can make guests feel indulged and right at home.

Quality Toiletries:

Stock the bedroom with hand creams, quality soaps, or even a sleep spray, ensuring guests have everything they need to relax.

16. Feedback Mechanism: Continual Improvement

Always look for ways to enhance the guest experience further. Encourage guests to leave feedback, suggestions, or simply share their experiences during their stay. Keep an eye on online reviews and address any concerns or suggestions promptly. It shows you care and are proactive about guest comfort.


Crafting the ideal Airbnb bedroom is an art that requires attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to guest comfort. From the foundation of a comfortable bed to the nuances of tech amenities and greenery, every aspect plays a role in shaping a memorable stay. Remember, as hosts, our goal isn’t just to offer a place to sleep but to curate experiences that guests cherish. Through continual improvement and a touch of creativity, your Airbnb bedroom can become a haven that guests eagerly return to time and again.

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