Unlocking the Potential of Airbnb Add On Services: Boosting Guest Satisfaction and Revenue

Airbnb add on services

The transformative power of technology continues to reshape our world and one of the most profound changes has been in the area of hospitality and tourism. In the center of this revolution is Airbnb, an online platform that connects hosts and guests from around the world, allowing them to share unique travel experiences. As a host, the potential to earn, meet diverse people and contribute to the global tourism industry can be immensely rewarding. But in an increasingly competitive landscape, how does one stand out? The answer may lie in Airbnb add on services.

Airbnb add-on services refer to those little extra offerings that hosts can provide to enhance the guest’s stay. It can be something as simple as providing a local city guide or as complex as arranging tailored tours for guests. These extra services not only add an additional revenue stream for hosts, but also provide a personalized touch that can significantly improve guest satisfaction. This article will provide insights on how to unlock the potential of Airbnb add-on services to not only boost revenue but also to amplify guest satisfaction.

The Power of Add-On Services for Airbnb Hosts:

Firstly, add-on services enhance the guest experience by providing tailored conveniences and luxuries. Whether it’s offering airport transfers, stocking the fridge with local delicacies, a local transportation service arranging guided tours, or offering unique classes, these services have the potential to significantly uplift the guest experience. In fact, according to a study by Beyond Pricing, hosts offering at least one add-on service saw an average increase in booking rates of 20%.

Moreover, they differentiate your listing from the competition. In a marketplace saturated with homogenous listings, add-on services can provide that unique touch that sets your property apart. They can also contribute to better reviews, leading to more bookings and higher occupancy rates. As evidenced in Airbnb’s 2022 Global Report, properties offering add-on services reported a 15% higher occupancy rate than those that did not.

Airbnb additional services

Additionally, Airbnb add-on services provide hosts with an opportunity to increase their revenue without changing their base pricing. This can be especially beneficial during off-peak seasons or in locations with a lot of competition. By monetizing these additional services well, hosts can enhance their overall income while providing value-added services to guests.

Unlocking the potential of add-on services could include offering Airbnb extras that appeal to guests.

Crafting Add-On Services for a vacation rental business:

Designing effective add-on services requires understanding your guests’ needs and preferences. To get started, consider the unique aspects of your location and property, then think about how you can enrich your guests’ experience.

Here are a few popular add-on services that have proven successful in the Airbnb platform.

Local Experiences

As more people gravitate towards experiential travel, offering unique local experiences can enhance your guests’ stay. This can be anything from guided tours of hidden local attractions, cooking classes featuring local cuisine, to yoga sessions in your backyard.

Personalized Welcome Packs

Another effective way to impress your guests is by offering personalized welcome packs. These can include essential items, local produce, or thoughtful gifts for special occasion. This not only makes your guests feel valued, but also introduces them to the local culture or produce.

Concierge Services

Professional are no longer reserved for high-end hotels. From arranging transportation to booking restaurants, these services can significantly elevate your guest’s convenience and overall experience.

The Flexibility of Early Check-Ins and Late Check-Outs

One of the great hassles of travel can be the rigidity of traditional hotel check-in and check-out times. Offering guests the option of early check-ins and late check-outs can be a game-changer. By providing this added flexibility, hosts can ease their guests’ stress and create a more relaxed, enjoyable experience.

A Safe Haven for the Luggage

Often, guests arrive early or have a late departure, leaving them with hours to spare but burdened with luggage. By offering secure luggage storage, hosts can provide a solution to this common issue. This simple service can enhance convenience and provide peace of mind, adding a valuable layer to your guest experience.

A Taste of Home: Cooked Meals

Food is a universal language. Offering guests home-cooked meals, particularly those featuring local cuisine, can create a deeply personal and memorable experience. This service can help guests truly immerse themselves in the local culture, while providing an additional source of revenue.

Simplified Travel: Transport Services

Navigating an unfamiliar city can be daunting. Offering transport services, such as guided drives to local attractions, can greatly enhance guests’ convenience and confidence during their stay.

Keep It Fresh: Pre-Booked Cleaning

A tidy space is key to guest satisfaction. A pre-booked mid-stay cleaning service ensures that your property stays fresh and appealing, even during longer stays. This service provides guests with a hotel-like level of cleanliness, while giving hosts a chance to maintain their property’s appeal.

The City’s Best: Tickets to Events

Helping guests secure tickets to local events, concerts, or shows can provide an enhanced experience. Acting as a local insider, hosts can guide guests towards enriching cultural experiences they may not have found otherwise.

Dress Fresh: Laundry Service

Whether it’s a quick wash and fold or a full professional service, offering laundry facilities or services adds a layer of convenience to your guests’ stay. This can be particularly valuable for those on longer trips or business travelers who need to look their best.

Adventure Awaits: Sports Equipment Rental

If your location is suitable for outdoor activities, providing sports equipment rentals, such as bikes, surfboards, or skiing gear, can be a significant plus. This vacation rental service provides an easy way for guests to engage with local outdoor attractions, adding an adventurous edge to their stay.

On the Move: Car or Bike Rentals

Car or bike rentals can provide guests with the freedom to explore at their own pace. Offering these services can simplify their experience, save them time, and allow them to discover local attractions they may otherwise miss.

Discover Hidden Gems: Guided Tours

Whether it’s a tour of a local market, a historic site, or a natural attraction, guided tours can offer guests an immersive cultural experience. As a host, offering these services can provide guests with a deeper understanding of your locality, while giving you an additional income source.

What to Sell in Airbnb?

Understanding what to sell on Airbnb, alongside your property rental, can truly elevate the guest experience and boost your revenue. Essentially, what you’re selling are unique experiences, services, or items that complement your guests’ stay and make it more convenient, enjoyable, and memorable.

Airbnb upsells

Start by considering the unique aspects of your property and location. What would add value to a guest’s stay?

Perhaps you could sell local artisan products, specialty foods or drinks unique to your area. Similarly, consider selling items that cater to the specific needs of travellers like toiletries, local SIM cards, or public transportation cards.

However, it’s crucial to ensure what you sell aligns with Airbnb’s guidelines. It’s also important to communicate clearly with your guests about any additional purchases, preferably at the time of booking or upon arrival.

Short-Term Rental Add-Ons

Short-term rental add-ons are services or experiences that you provide to guests beyond the basic accommodation. These additional offerings can be particularly effective in differentiating your property in a crowded market and enhancing your guests’ stay.

Popular short-term rental add-ons include breakfast packages, bespoke local tours, transport services, and wellness offerings such as yoga or massage sessions. Other options could be providing tickets to local events, offering rental equipment for outdoor activities, or even arranging unique dining experiences with local chefs.

Again, it’s essential to tailor your add-ons to your guests’ needs and your property’s context. For example, if your property is in a city, you might consider offering city tours or theater tickets. If it’s near the beach, surfboard or snorkel rental could be popular.

Remember, the goal of these add-ons is not just to increase your revenue, but also to provide a unique and personalized stay for your guests, which in turn can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.

Pricing Your Add-On Services

When it comes to pricing your services, you need to strike a balance between the perceived value and your costs. Research what similar services cost in your area, consider the total price of time and resources you’ll invest, and price your services accordingly. Ensure that the price reflects the value and effort of the service provided while remaining competitive and accessible for guests.

Promoting Your Add-On Services

Promoting your add-on services is just as crucial as developing them. Make sure to highlight your unique offerings in your Airbnb listing description, photos, and captions. Show potential guests why your property and services are unique and beneficial.

Remember, reviews are a significant part of Airbnb’s algorithm. Encourage satisfied guests to leave reviews highlighting your excellent services. The positive feedback loop created by good reviews will encourage more bookings, leading to increased revenue.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Airbnb hosting, add-on services are an invaluable tool for boosting guest satisfaction and increasing revenue. By providing unique, personalized experiences and conveniences, hosts can distinguish their properties, enhance their guests’ stays, and boost their overall earnings.

Whether you’re a new host looking to stand out or an experienced one aiming to increase revenue, consider integrating add-on services into your Airbnb business model. By unlocking the potential of these services, you not only create memorable experiences for your guests but also establish a prosperous and sustainable hosting business.

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