In the news: Autohost launches Threat Intelligence platform to mitigate fraud risk in the hospitality industry

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Autohost has officially launched its Threat Intelligence platform, a free-to-use tool designed to guard hotel and short-term rental property managers and operators against an increasing number of risks, including deceptive bookings, identity theft and credit card fraud.

Autohost - HelpNetSecurity logoBy aggregating critical reputation data from over 200 global threat feeds into a searchable, API-driven database, the platform allows you to scan IP addresses determining whether they originate from a malicious source.

As a cloud-based, open-sourced tool, you can build the Threat Intelligence into your tech stack, integrating with property management systems (PMS) and other platforms that operators leverage, providing additional security for guest vetting.

Read HelpNetSecurity’s coverage of the Autohost Threat Intelligence platform, and try it for free here.

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