Autohost and Streamline Vacation Rental Software Partner to Provide Increased Security for Property Managers as Travel Rebounds

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Toronto, Canada, JUNE 29, 2021 – Guest-screening and verification software provider Autohost today announced a partnership integration with best-in-class property management software provider Streamline Vacation Rental Software.The relationship provides increased security to Streamline customers, including access to Autohost’s unique guest verification and online check-in automation platform. This partnership comes just in time as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down and property managers prepare for a surge in revenge travel.

With an increase in travellers comes an increase in risky bookings that can lead to parties, property damage, chargebacks, fraud and other criminal activities.

By connecting with Autohost, reservations in Streamline will be automatically assessed for risk. Every guest will be verified through Autohost’s online check-in portal before receiving any confidential or sensitive information, such as check-in instructions or smart lock access codes.

The integration will allow property managers access to Autohost’s full reservation risk assessment capabilities, including:

  • Chargeback protection
  • Party prevention
  • ID verification
  • Fraud detection
  • Payment validation
  • Security deposits
  • Background checks

Streamline offers an all-in-one solution for vacation rental managers, providing a CRM for guest marketing, revenue management, channel distribution and more. With Autohost now available in its marketplace, Streamline customers can easily implement automated guest screening to screen thousands of reservations and grow their portfolios, all without introducing additional resources.

“As a comprehensive solution for large-scale property managers, Streamline is the perfect fit for Autohost,” said Roy Firestein, CEO of Autohost. “Together we’ll be able to build more trust between operators and guests, advancing a gold standard for security in hospitality. Plus, with increased protection, professional property managers can focus less on security and guest vetting and more on what matters most: the guest experience.”

“Streamline is excited to partner with Autohost and give our clients the ability to connect to a top tier guest-screening solution. Our goal is to always add value, and by integrating with Autohost we’re ensuring that our clients and their owners’ inventory is protected. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership together,” said Mike Norde, Streamline 3rd Party Relationship Manager.

About Autohost

Autohost is a guest-screening and automation platform for fast-growing hospitality companies. Using machine learning and behavioral checks, we create a scalable and automated process to review guests and keep your properties safe. Learn more at

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About Streamline

Built by property managers for property managers, Streamline Vacation Rental Software is smart, modern, powerful, and a true all-in-one enterprise platform. With more than a decade of innovation and proven excellence, Streamline’s cutting-edge solution enables companies to streamline operations and maximize their profits. Streamline has quickly become an industry leader, raising the bar in property management technology. More than just a software, Streamline is a long-term business solution formulated by property managers to solve their evolving needs. Learn more at

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About the Integration

Streamline customers can easily connect Autohost’s platform to automatically screen and verify all incoming reservations. Learn more about the integration at

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