Autohost and SUPERHOG Partner to Save Property Managers Millions with End-to-end Security Solution

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Industry-first partnership delivers end-to-end host protection from fraud, damage and theft by combining intelligent guest screening and an industry leading $5M+ booking guarantee

Toronto, Canada – Sept. 30, 2021 – Guest-screening and verification software provider Autohost today announced a strategic partnership with SUPERHOG, a digital trust platform specializing in damage protection for short-term rentals. The integration brings together two crucial trust and safety solutions, providing property managers with end-to-end protection from fraud, damage and theft by delivering intelligent guest screening combined with the confidence of an industry leading $5M+ booking guarantee.

In the past, growing expenses and a saturated market have forced property managers to choose between preventative and protective security solutions. The Autohost-SUPERHOG partnership provides an industry-first, cost-effective solution to implement both. With a multi-layered approach to security, property managers can verify their guests before check-in and rely on damage protection during the stay in case of incidentals.

Autohost’s intelligent guest screening platform processes guests through an online check-in portal, verifying their identities and flagging any suspicious activity. Once the guest is verified, SUPERHOG cross-checks the information before providing a Host Guarantee, protecting the property, its contents, and covering any host liabilities with up to $5 million (USD) in damage protection.

“Any property management company looking to succeed needs a comprehensive security program,” said Roy Firestein, CEO of Autohost. “Our platform proactively assesses risk to prevent troublesome guests from entering your property, but we do realize that incidents outside of anyone’s control can still happen. That’s when operators are looking for the peace of mind that comes with SUPERHOG’s damage-protection offering. Together we’re providing a comprehensive solution that can fit the budget of STR operators.”

“This is the type of partnership the industry really needs. Joining forces and focussing on the strength of each company without cannibalizing each other is the way to gain market share and create strength,” said Simon Lehmann, CEO of AJL Atelier and trusted advisor to both companies.

Humphrey Bowles, CEO of SUPERHOG commented, “Bridging prevention and protection is why we started SUPERHOG. Our partnership with Autohost is already proven to deliver enormous benefits for Hosts, Guests and Property Managers, and with more innovation round the corner, this is a partnership that can truly solve the trust and safety issue in short-term rentals.”

Autohost and SUPERHOG customer Vicky Marciano, Director of Operations at Oasis Collections, said, “We’ve been using Autohost to safely collect our guest’s data, and could not be more excited that we now get to enjoy the benefits of SUPERHOG to protect our properties. Having both platforms streamline our guest verification and property protection will help us become more efficient and will allow us to provide peace of mind to our home owners and guests.”

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SUPERHOG is a digital trust platform specializing in damage protection. It incorporates ID verification, insurance and property certification.

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