End-to-end security

Protection from costly incidents with Autohost and SUPERHOG

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A multi-layered approach to security

The best way to keep your short-term rental properties safe? Combining Autohost's dynamic guest screening with SUPERHOG'S Host Guarantee. 

With a comprehensive approach to security, property managers can verify their guests before check-in and rely on damage protection during the stay in case of incidentals.

Reduce risk and cover costs associated with fraudulent bookings, parties, damages and other incidents.

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Benefits of the integration

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Prevent costly incidents

Reduce unnecessary costs by protecting your properties from incidents such as fraud, damage and theft.

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Cost-effective security

A fully-integrated and comprehensive security solution that keeps costs affordable for property managers.

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Grow your business

With multi-layered security, you can reduce incidents, improving your reputation and growing your business.

How the integration works

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In the past, growing expenses and a saturated market forced property managers to choose between preventative and protective security solutions. But the Autohost-SUPERHOG partnership provides a cost-effective way of implementing both.

Before check-in, Autohost’s intelligent guest screening platform processes the guest through an online check-in portal, verifying their identity and flagging any suspicious activity. 

Once the guest is verified, SUPERHOG provides a Host Guarantee, protecting the property, its contents, and covering any host liabilities with up to $5 million (USD) in damage protection. 




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