Know Your Guest

A security solution for hospitality providers

Guest screening

Guest Screening

Autohost scans, inspects and ranks every reservation to flag risks. From enquiry to check-in, we continually analyze reservation changes and notify the manager or operations team with actions to take in order to reduce your risk and avoid parties, fraud, chargebacks, crime and potential damage to your business.



Our proprietary algorithm scans every reservation, even when it changes, to make sure nothing slips by.


Each guest reservation is clearly tagged with a color-coded risk classification and easy-to-understand description.


Based on the risk score, we provide actionable recommendations, giving your team the confidence to move forward.


When a guest makes a booking, we automatically send them a link to confirm their reservation and ask for additional information based on their risk level.

Airbnb guest verification

Higher risk guests are required to provide a lot of information in order to reduce their risk level, while low risk guests can snap through the verification with just a couple of clicks!


For each guest, we collect, parse and analyze thousands of parameters to make sure they are exactly who they say they are. We then verify all of the guest's collected information, validating that it's true and accurate, providing the manager with piece of mind and the guest with a streamlined booking experience.


We screen guests using our proprietary algorithm. Autohost examines different parameters to evaluate the risk level of guest reservations and, if necessary, runs a complete background check on the guest. We then provide suggestions on how to manage the reservation, such as additional questions to ask the guest. We flag for the following scenarios:

How to screen Airbnb guests
  • High-risk guests
  • Local guests
  • Bad behaviour
  • Parties and troublemakers
  • House rules compliance
  • Rental fraud
  • Escort & criminal activity
  • ID fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Third party bookings
  • Hidden revenue opportunities
  • Compromised accounts
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Airbnb guest screening

Autohost automates your guest screening process. We combat fraud and guest misbehaviour, while flagging potentially risky reservations. Autohost is used by the following industries:

  • Vacation Rentals 
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Hotel Chains
  • Resorts
  • PMS & Channel Managers
  • Marketplaces

Airbnb Background Checks

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A background check is the way to look at a person's historical analysis and determine if they have any offences that could restrict them from entering the property. Autohost leverages the power of machine learning and AI to comb through 300k databases in a split of a second to find a match for an individual.  

What do we look for?

  • US National Criminal Record Check
  • International Criminal Record Check
  • Public Criminal Records Check (Canada)
  • Adverse Media & Public Social Media Check
  • Sex Offenders Registries
  • Public Safety Check
  • SEC Violations
  • Fraud Scan
  • Global Sanctions
  • Global Clearance Check & Enforcement Check (OFAC)
  • Alias and Identity Comparison 


About Us

We love hospitality  and our objective is to keep the good guests in and the bad guests out. Autohost is your risk detection and response system, it quickly allows your team to flag anything that doesn't belong.


We noticed that new employees, however, were spending 80% of their time screening guests and reiterating house rules. This manual process was inefficient and open to abuse. By combining our experience and expertise, we developed Autohost, a non-invasive solution for property owners everywhere. Let's put bad guests behind us.