Meet Paul, the Partier

Sound familiar?

Paul books a last-minute stay at your property for Saturday night. He says he’s coming to the city with his girlfriend for a “chill night in”. Paul's reservation totally checks out—he has good reviews on his profile, he’s communicative and there are no payment issues.

Come Saturday, Paul checks in and everything seems fine... until about 9:15 p.m. Noise levels at the property escalate. Your guest support team sends a warning, but it's ignored. Within the hour, building management calls, saying they've received dozens of noise complaints. When your team shows up, they find 20 people in your unit.

It's time to bust Paul's party.


Have you hosted Paul?

Risky guests like Paul threaten your property, business and community. To find out the costs associated with this type of reservation, download our infographic.

Know Your Guest

An all-in-one automation toolset, Autohost scans every reservation ensuring you know your guest. Catch the next "Paul" before it's too late using Autohost's dynamic guest screening and verification system.