Protect your properties

Eliminate the risk of parties with Autohost and NoiseAware

Enhanced trust and safety for property managers

NoiseAware, Autohost
NoiseAware, Autohost
NoiseAware, Autohost

The best way to keep your properties safe?

Autohost’s dynamic guest screening + NoiseAware’s smart noise monitoring.

Now you can use both solutions simultaneously, giving you real-time updates on your properties and guests.

If one of your properties experiences a spike in volume, you’ll get an alert from NoiseAware plus Autohost’s analysis of the guest, their reservation and their pre-determined risk level.

With the right tools and insights, you can resolve any incident before it escalates. 

Benefits of the integration

Prevent parties

Using NoiseAware insights, Autohost is able to better predict when a reservation will end in a party.

No more fines

Prevent costly fines and noise complaints by combining dynamic guest screening and smart noise monitoring.

Grow your portfolio

With a comprehensive security process, you can reduce incidents to improve your reputation and grow your business.

Rest easy with a comprehensive security solution

NoiseAware, Autohost

No security measure is foolproof, but pairing guest screening with proper monitoring is the best way to protect your properties, business and community from troublesome reservations. 

Thanks to the Autohost-NoiseAware integration, customers will be armed with the insights they need to guard against incidents, including parties, property damage, criminal activity and more. 

Keep your business running smoothly, without worrying about bad reservations.

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