Authority Reporting

Comply with all short-term rental regulations around the world
Authority Reporting, Autohost

Responsible hosting: automated

Complying with government regulations is necessary for operating a successful short-term rental business—but collecting and submitting information manually can take up a lot of time and resources. That’s why we’re automating the process for property managers. Meet your regional requirements without the hassle.

How it works

Regardless of where your property is located, our Authority Reporting feature helps you comply with your region’s regulations by capturing detailed information about each guest. Once the guest has booked your property, they’ll receive a secure link to our guest portal. In the portal, we collect all relevant information for your region’s regulations, as well as verify the guest’s identity. After collecting this information, we send a daily submission to your team or the appropriate authorities, identifying every guest scheduled to check in that day. The data collected for each guest will depend on your property’s regional requirements, ensuring you collect the right information from every guest.
Authority Reporting, Autohost

Take advantage of Authority Reporting's additional benefits

Save time and money by automating your Authority Reporting process

Use the information collected to personalize the guest experience

Improve your reputation and grow your business with responsible hosting

Safely collect and secure guest data

Authority Reporting, Autohost

Regional requirements for operating

Short-term rental regulations are increasing globally as countries try to better manage the industry. Some regions, such as Spain, now require hosts to submit their guest information to the local authorities. This trend has quickly made its way to North America as municipal and State governments introduce similar requirements. To ensure you stay ahead of the curve, we’re helping property managers take the bureaucracy out of the equation. We support regulation compliance in over 130 countries worldwide. To find out whether your country is supported, reach out to the Autohost team.

Ready to automate your Authority Reporting process?

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