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Scaling Security:

A Property Manager's Guide to Automating Guest Screening

Wondering how to scale your short-term rental business efficiently and effectively? The key is automation. That's why we put together the property manager's guide to automating guest screening. With the right security process in place, you can capitalize on the return of travel, while mitigating risk.

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Ebook on automating guest screening

What's inside?

In this ebook, discover how to scale your short-term rental business while protecting your properties from industry threats with well-integrated and systematic guest screening. 

See how the right solution can not only protect your business, but grow your business. 

  • The state of the short-term rental industry post COVID and top threats

  • What automated guest screening is and how it works

  • How to implement an automated guest-screening process

  • The benefits of automating guest screening

This ebook will teach you 6 ways to drastically improve your business


How to protect your properties from incidents, such as parties, chargebacks, fraud and criminal activity.


How to increase your occupancy rates by removing booking restrictions.


How to improve your guest support team’s productivity by focusing their tasks.


How to improve your guest experience by offering a remote, streamlined check-in process.


How to save time and money by partnering with an automated guest-screening software.


How to improve your brand's reputation by showing stakeholders you're a responsible operator.

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