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Elevate Your Guest Experience with the StaynTouch x Autohost Synergy

Redefining seamless operations and guest satisfaction in hospitality

How StaynTouch Works
StaynTouch revolutionizes hotel property management with its cloud-based system, offering unparalleled operational flexibility and guest convenience. Emphasizing mobile capabilities, this system empowers guests with tools like smartphone check-ins and check-outs, making every interaction with your property frictionless.
How Autohost Works
Autohost is a cutting-edge guest screening and automation platform, designed to protect and optimize short-term rental properties. With a keen focus on security and efficiency, it sifts through guest profiles, ensuring only genuine guests book, while automating many of the manual, time-consuming tasks property managers face.
The Integration Magic
When StaynTouch's intuitive property management aligns with Autohost's rigorous guest screening and automation, the result is a hospitality force to be reckoned with. This integration streamlines operations, ensuring each guest interaction—from booking to check-out—is seamless, safe, and efficient.
Benefits for Property Managers
Integrating StaynTouch with Autohost transforms the way property managers operate. Firstly, it drastically reduces manual interventions, freeing up valuable time. Secondly, with Autohost's guest screening, there's an added layer of security, ensuring properties are rented to genuine guests, mitigating potential risks and liabilities.
Benefits for Hotel Managers
For hotel managers, this synergy means a dual advantage: enhanced operational efficiency and elevated guest satisfaction. StaynTouch's mobile solutions combined with Autohost's automation means faster check-ins/check-outs, fewer operational hitches, and a smoother, more enjoyable guest journey from start to finish.
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Solving Pain Points

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Swift Operations

Speed matters in hospitality. With the StaynTouch and Autohost combo, say goodbye to lengthy check-in queues and manual screening processes. Welcome a faster, more efficient operational workflow.

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Boosted Security

Safety is paramount. Autohost’s meticulous guest screening now seamlessly integrates with StaynTouch’s system, giving property and hotel managers the confidence that every guest is genuine, reducing potential security concerns.

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Elevated Guest Experience

When operations are smooth and secure, guests notice. This integration ensures guests enjoy a streamlined, hassle-free experience at every touchpoint, leading to better reviews, repeat bookings, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Unleash the Future of Hospitality Today! Join the StaynTouch x Autohost Revolution.

Things to consider:

Unmatched Operational Efficiency

In an industry where every minute counts, StaynTouch and Autohost together become the backbone of ultra-efficient operations. With processes optimized from booking to check-out, property managers can cater to more guests with fewer operational hurdles. Whether it’s quick mobile check-ins or automated guest screening, this integration ensures that the gears of your hospitality business run smoother than ever before.

Security, Upgraded

Protect your property and your reputation. Autohost’s sophisticated guest screening, when paired with StaynTouch’s robust management system, elevates the security of every booking. You gain peace of mind knowing each guest is thoroughly vetted, reducing potential risks and enhancing the safety of your guests and property.

Elevate the Guest Journey

Give your guests an experience they’ll rave about. The StaynTouch x Autohost combination ensures every guest interaction is seamless and memorable. From hassle-free bookings to smooth check-outs, every step is designed with guest satisfaction in mind, fostering loyalty and increasing the chances of repeat bookings.

Reduce Overheads with Automation

Lower costs without compromising service quality. Automation means many of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks are handled effortlessly. Whether it’s reminders, feedback collection, or guest communication, both platforms work in unison to streamline tasks that traditionally needed manual intervention, saving you time and money.

Informed Decision-Making

Harness the power of data. Both StaynTouch and Autohost provide insights and analytics that can guide decision-making. From understanding guest preferences to gauging operational efficiencies, the integrated dashboard becomes a hub for making informed, data-driven decisions that boost profitability and enhance guest experiences.

Property management can be effortless through the synergistic capabilities of StaynTouch and Autohost.

Request a free demo today and witness the seamless integration in action!

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