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Experience Seamless Guest Screening with the MyVR-Autohost Integration!

Effortlessly combine the power of property management and intelligent guest vetting for an unmatched rental experience

How MyVR Works?
MyVR is a robust property management solution designed to simplify and streamline operations for vacation rental owners. From centralizing reservations and payments to synchronizing listings across platforms, MyVR provides a one-stop solution for optimizing listings, enhancing guest experience, and increasing bookings.
How Does Autohost Work?
Autohost harnesses the power of advanced algorithms and data analytics to screen and vet guests for vacation rentals and short-term accommodations. By analyzing booking data, guest interactions, and various risk factors, Autohost provides property managers and hosts with actionable insights, ensuring only trustworthy guests get the nod.
The Integration
The MyVR-Autohost integration is the bridge between world-class property management and unparalleled guest screening. This cohesive union ensures every booking processed through MyVR benefits from the rigorous, data-driven screening of Autohost, ensuring a seamless experience from listing to check-in.
Benefits for Property Managers
Integrating MyVR with Autohost empowers property managers to effortlessly maintain their properties' reputation and safety. Say goodbye to manual vetting processes and harness automated guest screening, significantly reducing risks and ensuring only the best guests. Moreover, the unified interface means fewer platforms to juggle, leading to enhanced efficiency and better time management.
Benefits for Vacation Rental Hosts
For STR or vacation rental hosts, the MyVR-Autohost synergy means an elevation in listing quality and guest reliability. By seamlessly integrating with Airbnb, hosts can now leverage MyVR's listing optimization while ensuring every guest booking undergoes Autohost's meticulous screening, leading to higher guest satisfaction rates and peace of mind.
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What do you get?

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Efficiency at its Best

Merge your guest screening and property management processes into one unified workflow. Save time, reduce redundancy, and focus on what matters most: hosting.”

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Enhanced Trust & Safety

Trust Every Guest, Every Time! With Autohost’s rigorous vetting integrated into MyVR’s booking process, ensure a safer environment for your properties and neighboring community.

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Maximized Booking Potential

Optimal Listings, Optimal Guests! Boost your property’s visibility and appeal with MyVR’s optimization tools, all while ensuring every booking meets Autohost’s gold standard of guest trustworthiness.

Dive into the Future of Hosting! Integrate MyVR with Autohost Today!

Five problems MyVR integration can solve:

1. Time-Consuming Manual Vetting

Manually vetting guests can be a daunting, time-consuming task for property managers. Mistakes or oversights can result in costly damages or poor guest experiences. The MyVR-Autohost integration replaces this manual process with an automated, data-driven approach, ensuring thorough screening in a fraction of the time and reducing human error.

2. Fragmented Workflow

Juggling between multiple platforms for listing, booking, and screening can lead to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. By integrating MyVR and Autohost, property managers get a single, unified workflow. This cohesive ecosystem simplifies daily tasks, from updating listings to confirming guest reservations, making management a breeze.

3. Inconsistent Guest Quality

Ensuring consistent, high-quality guest experiences starts with having the right guests. The MyVR-Autohost combination ensures every potential guest meets stringent standards. Property managers can confidently host, knowing each guest has been thoroughly vetted and is a good fit for their property.

4. Missed Revenue Opportunities

An optimized listing attracts more potential guests, but without the right vetting, it can also attract problem tenants. The MyVR-Autohost solution ensures that as your visibility increases, so does the quality of your bookings. This integration ensures every booking not only brings revenue but also peace of mind.

5. Reactive Damage Control

Dealing with property damages or disruptions after the fact can be costly and harm your property’s reputation. The predictive analytics of Autohost, coupled with MyVR’s management capabilities, allow property managers to be proactive. This duo provides insights into guest behavior, potential red flags, and ensures preventive measures are in place before issues arise.

Experience the difference in property management with the combined power of MyVR and Autohost.

Request a free demo today and test out the integration!

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