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Integrate Autohost and Infor HMS to transform your hospitality experience!

Seamless integration for enhanced guest screening and property management.

How Infor HMS Works
Infor HMS is a holistic hotel property management system that optimizes the entire hospitality experience, from reservations to guest services. Tailored for the dynamic world of hospitality, it provides real-time insights, streamlines operations, and enhances guest experiences, giving properties a competitive edge.
How Autohost Works
Autohost is a cutting-edge guest screening platform, designed to assess guest risk before reservations are confirmed. Using AI and analytics, it evaluates booking behaviors, guest verifications, and other pertinent data, ensuring that only reliable and reputable guests book your property.
Integration Benefits
When Autohost and Infor HMS come together, property managers experience an unparalleled boost in efficiency. This integration means that as soon as a reservation comes in via Infor HMS, it undergoes Autohost’s meticulous guest screening process. The result? Time saved, risks reduced, and an improved overall hospitality workflow.
Benefits for Hotel Managers
For hotel managers, the melding of Autohost and Infor HMS is a game-changer. It facilitates a more refined guest experience, from the moment of booking to check-out. Hotel managers can optimize room allocations, tailor guest experiences based on validated profiles, and respond proactively to potential challenges. This integration not only aids in ensuring that guests align with the hotel's standards but also provides actionable insights to streamline operations. In a world where the balance between guest satisfaction and operational efficiency is crucial, this fusion offers hotel managers the tools to excel in both.
Benefits for Property Managers
Property managers can now breathe easy knowing every booking is meticulously screened without any extra steps. This integration reduces the manual workload, ensuring that only authentic reservations reach your desk. Plus, with the synergy of Infor HMS's robust property management and Autohost's rigorous guest screening, you can maintain a high standard of service while mitigating potential risks.
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Integration Benefits

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Unbeatable Duo

Why settle for one when you can have the best of both? The blend of Autohost’s precise guest screening with Infor HMS’s comprehensive property management is an unmatched pairing, tailor-made for modern hospitality.

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Streamlined Operations

Wave goodbye to manual overlaps and redundant tasks. The integration of Autohost and Infor HMS streamlines every step, from guest vetting to check-out, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operational flow.

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Risk-Free Reservations

In the hospitality industry, surprises aren’t always pleasant. With Autohost’s rigorous guest checks and Infor HMS’s reliable management tools, rest assured each reservation is safe, genuine, and aligned with your property’s standards.

Dive into the Future of Hospitality! Merge the Powers of Autohost and Infor HMS Today!

Benefits for Hotels

Benefit 1: Optimal Guest Relations

The foundation of stellar hospitality is understanding and catering to your guests. Autohost’s meticulous screening, coupled with Infor HMS’s personalized guest management, allows hotels to anticipate needs, resolve concerns proactively, and deliver an unparalleled guest experience.

Benefit 2: Effortless Efficiency

Time-intensive manual tasks become a thing of the past with this integration. Whether it’s verifying guest credentials or managing room assignments, the Autohost-Infor HMS combo ensures operations run like a well-oiled machine, saving both time and resources.

Benefit 3: Insightful Analytics

Knowledge is power, especially in the competitive hotel landscape. The union of Autohost and Infor HMS equips hoteliers with valuable insights, from guest behavior patterns to booking trends, aiding in smarter, data-driven decisions that elevate the guest experience.

Benefit 4: Safety First

In today’s world, the safety of guests and staff is non-negotiable. With Autohost’s robust guest vetting and Infor HMS’s secure management tools, hotels can foster a safe environment, earning the trust and loyalty of guests.

Benefit 5: Future-Proofing Your Business

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is essential. The adaptability and scalability provided by the integrated strengths of Autohost and Infor HMS ensure that as the industry changes, your hotel is not just prepared but is leading the charge.

Enhance guest screening and property management with the combined power of Infor HMS and Autohost.

Request a free demo today and discover how this duo could positively impact your company.

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