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Autohost offers a comprehensive solution for short-term rental management. We understand your unique pain points and provide services to simplify and streamline operations. 

We Prevent More Problems

Than Any Other Solution

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ID Verification
Our ID verification is using a biometric scanner to determine if the picture in the ID matches the person in the selfie.
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Fraud Detection
Our advanced algorithms analyze vast data sets, cross-referencing them with our extensive reservation history to identify risky profiles.
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Email and Phone Validation
Our robust system goes beyond basic checks, verifying the true origin and ownership of emails and phone numbers, ensuring accurate identification and location information.
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Social Verification
We verify email and phone connections to social media accounts, evaluating online content for concerns like narcotics or crime.
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Sex Offender Search
Our technology runs a sex offender search without running a full criminal background check, saving you time and money, while increasing effectiveness.
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Credit Card Verification
We validate credit card information to ensure secure transactions, safeguard your property, and prevent fraudulent activity, allowing you to host with peace of mind.
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Criminal History Search
We search comprehensive criminal records to ensure your guests have a clean background, providing you with confidence and security for your property.
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Threat Intelligence API
By analyzing real-time data and identifying potential risks, we proactively protect your property from malicious guests, ensuring a safe and secure hosting experience for you and your guests.
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Bad Guests Lie.

Our Numbers Don’t.
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by Property Managers Around the World

Star Rating

“The issues we were responding to and dealing with would scale up as we scale, so Autohost helps us solve that at a root level. Honestly, I used to be concerned about it all the time, but I’m not anymore.”

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Philip Wilburn

Hostē Founder, Airbnb & VRBO Host

Star Rating

“Our ability to vet guests and flag potential concerns is critical to our operations and in keeping our promise to real estate partners. The Autohost team is professional and adaptable to our needs – they have become an invaluable partner to us for automated screening.”

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Alex Herrity

Chief Product Officer at Mint House

Star Rating

“Autohost encompasses a powerful suite of tools that every hospitality provider dreams of. Safety and security is the top priority in our company and utilizing the Autohost platform helps us maintain this to the highest degree.”

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Bryce Collins

District Manager at SoBeNY

Trusted by Industry


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Unveiling a New Era of Guest Screening

• Revolutionary AI-driven guest screening

• Transform tedious tasks into a seamless, automated experience

• Embrace a staggering 95% reduction in error

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We Integrate With Any PMS Tool

• Effortlessly incorporate Autohost into your existing PMS

• Immediately enhance the efficiency of your workflow

• Automate operations with minimal effort on your part

• Afford yourself peace of mind and additional time

Have questions?

We’ve got answers.

As you expand your portfolio, problems will happen. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. If you think of the headache it would be to have police called for a huge party, or a shooting, it is a huge hit to your community and reputation. Just the cost alone of a trashed property and the strain that puts on your staff and the business is worth taking that proactive approach to avoiding problems before they happen.

We find a plan that makes sense for the problems your business faces. A lot of the time customers first don’t take into account the costs associated when you do have problems with guests. Chargebacks are a real and prevalent issue with real dollar amounts associated with bad guests. The extra couple hours that your cleaning staff have to stay because of a party in the unit. The hours your staff are using chasing down information and verifying people manually.

What we are doing is completely changing how your business functions, to build out a way to scale well into the future. We offer flat fees and flexible vs. committed pay-as-you go pricing plans. Contact sales for more information.

Airbnb is a blackbox when it comes to sharing that info, and really you are hoping they have done the work. Airbnb only confirms ID, and not even confirming it on all profiles. That’s the problem, they are only verifying ID at the account level, and not on the reservation level.

The same guest that books with a family might book for a bachelor party next time, each reservation has a different risk associated with it. You have to blindly trust the guests you are letting into your properties, and you don’t have control over it. In the end you have to deal with the headaches and loss of revenue from damaged or unusable properties.

Insurance is important, but insurance does not prevent the headaches that come with using insurance. Doesn’t cover the costs of your staff needing to spend time on a claim, or your cleaning staff spending extra hours cleaning up a party, the opportunity cost when you need to take a property offline for repairs, all these things are better to not happen in the first place, they only slow down the growth of your business.

There are a few things that we do to make sure the guests complete the portal. First, we create email reminders to the guest to prompt them to complete the portal if they have not done it in the first 24hrs since booking. At the 48hr mark for example we can send your team a note to make sure that guest is given a call to make sure they got the email.

Second, in onboarding we help update messaging/language on your listings and in the initial email sent out explaining the process and that this is a requirement to confirm your booking. Just like buying a airplane ticket, you pay for it up front, but if you bring fireworks to the airport you are not getting on the plane! We also equip your team with the language to handle any guests reaching out asking about the portal.

With all these things done, across our entire Autohost portfolio and hundreds of thousands of reservations, we have a less than 1% drop off rate. 

Yes, Autohost is connected to thousands of applications, including Asana, HubSpot and Microsoft Teams. 

Know Your Guest. Autohost is a guest-screening and automation platform for fast-growing hospitality companies.

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