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Guest Screening and Risk Management

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Complete ID Verification
Autohost completes multiple points of ID verification and cross-referencing with the risk profile. Guest Ranger relies on single source verification only.
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Advanced Fraud Detection
Autohost has robust fraud detection measures. Guest Ranger has limited fraud detection capabilities.
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Email and Phone Validation
Autohost performs comprehensive email and phone validation, including checks for proxies, VPNs, hacking tools, compromised information, and false bookings. Guest Ranger only checks if email and phone number match the reservation information.
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Social Verification
Autohost performs social verification through email and phone number analysis to verify the existence of social media accounts. Guest Ranger does not offer social verification.
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Sex Offender Searches
Autohost conducts sex offender searches. Guest Ranger does not include sex offender searches.
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Criminal History Checks
Autohost performs criminal history checks and crosschecks for red flags. Guest Ranger lacks comprehensive criminal history search capabilities.
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Credit History Checks
Autohost performs credit history checks and verifies credit card ownership. Guest Ranger does not conduct credit history checks or verify credit card ownership.
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White-Labeled Guest Portal
Autohost offers a fully white-labeled guest portal for a seamless guest experience. Guest Ranger lacks white-labeling capabilities.
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Bad Guests Lie.

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by Property Managers Around the World

Star Rating

“The issues we were responding to and dealing with would scale up as we scale, so Autohost helps us solve that at a root level. Honestly, I used to be concerned about it all the time, but I’m not anymore.”

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Philip Wilburn

Hostē Founder, Airbnb & VRBO Host

Star Rating

“Our ability to vet guests and flag potential concerns is critical to our operations and in keeping our promise to real estate partners. The Autohost team is professional and adaptable to our needs – they have become an invaluable partner to us for automated screening.”

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Alex Herrity

Chief Product Officer at Mint House

Star Rating

“Autohost encompasses a powerful suite of tools that every hospitality provider dreams of. Safety and security is the top priority in our company and utilizing the Autohost platform helps us maintain this to the highest degree.”

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Bryce Collins

District Manager at SoBeNY

Trusted by Industry


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Unveiling a New Era of Guest Screening

• Revolutionary AI-driven guest screening

• Transform tedious tasks into a seamless, automated experience

• Embrace a staggering 95% reduction in error

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We Integrate With Any PMS Tool

• Effortlessly incorporate Autohost into your existing PMS

• Immediately enhance the efficiency of your workflow

• Automate operations with minimal effort on your part

• Afford yourself peace of mind and additional time

Check Your Problems

Before They Get To Your Door

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Artificial Intelligence

Harness AI for enhanced, automated guest screening.

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Background Checks

Ensure trustworthy guests with thorough background checks.

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Agreements and E-Sign

Streamline bookings with digital agreements and e-signatures.

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Check-in Portal

Provide guests with a seamless, intuitive check-in experience.

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Security Deposits

Protect your property with flexible security deposit options.

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Sex Offender Search

Prioritize safety with rigorous sex offender searches.

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Chargeback Protection

Guard your revenue with robust chargeback protection.

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Personal ID Verification

Ensure guest authenticity with precise ID verification.

Have questions?

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Autohost conducts soft credit checks and cross-references the results with the guest’s risk profile.

Yes, Autohost seamlessly integrates with various property management systems for a hassle-free experience.

Know Your Guest. Autohost is a guest-screening and automation platform for fast-growing hospitality companies.

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