Meet Sam, the Squatter

Sound familiar?

Affected by COVID-19 and in need of transitional housing, Sam has booked your property for a 28-day stay. Everything with Sam’s reservation checks out. Her profile looks great, she’s communicative, and her payment’s valid. Come check-in time, you're happy to welcome Sam into your property.

Twenty-eight days roll by with no incidents. It’s time for Sam to check out. But when you send your cleaning team to flip the property for the next guest, Sam’s still there and her luggage is strewn around the property. It doesn’t look like she's leaving any time soon.

Sam is a squatter.


Have you hosted Sam?

Risky guests like Sam threaten the safety and security of rental properties every day. To find out the costs associated with this type of reservation, download our infographic.

Know Your Guest

An all-in-one automation and security toolset, Autohost scans every reservation ensuring you know your guest. Catch the next "Sam" before it's too late using Autohost's dynamic guest screening and verification system.