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A secure, contactless check-in solution for operators and guests

By combining guest screening with property automation technology, Autohost and Operto are creating contactless experiences for guests, while protecting your business from incidents.  

Before check-in, Autohost verifies the guest by sending them through a secure online guest portal. If the reservation has any red flags, Autohost will alert your team and flag the reservation.

Once verified, the guest gains access to Operto’s guest portal to manage their stay with contactless checkout,  housekeeping requests and control of their unit's smart devices, including thermostat and smart locks.

Contactless check-in solution for hospitality

Benefits of the integration

Protect your hotel and short-term rental properties
Protect your business

Catch parties, fraud and criminal activity before the stay, then prevent violations with real-time noise and occupancy monitoring.

Check-in online via mobile
Ace the guest experience

Give guests complete control over their stay, from secure self check-in to housekeeping requests and custom temperature schedules.

Short-term rental growth
Grow your portfolio

With smart technology and automation, you can streamline operations for your team, freeing up time to grow your property count.

Save time and money with automated check-ins


By automating the check-in process, you can create a seamless and secure guest experience, without spending too much in time and resources.

Rather than wasting hours going back and forth with the guest to collect information or confirm details, you can manage thousands of reservations simultaneously. 

When you streamline the process, your team can focus on what really matters: creating 5-star guest experiences.

Transform your operations and maximize profitability with Autohost and Operto.


Increasing revenue with automated check-ins and guest screening


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