Supported Regions: Global

GlobalCheck, Autohost

Introducing GlobalCheck, our innovative and powerful tool that harnesses open-source intelligence (OSINT) to verify an individual’s details and assess potential risks associated with them. 

In today’s globalized world, traditional methods of identity verification often fall short due to the absence of centralized databases for criminal records and identity validation. 

GlobalCheck addresses this challenge by utilizing publicly accessible online information to provide a comprehensive solution for identity verification and risk assessment.

What sets GlobalCheck apart is its non-intrusive approach compared to conventional methods like criminal and credit history checks. Our priority is to ensure security and trust while respecting individual privacy. 

GlobalCheck performs checks such as Global Watchlist search, Adverse Media scan, Social Media validation, Email address validation, Phone number validation, and even a Selfie match with social profile pictures, delivering a more comprehensive and holistic verification process.

Criminal Background Check

Supported Regions: USA

For our customers in the USA, we provide a specialized Criminal Background Check service. This service is designed to search court records and confirm any criminal convictions. Trust and safety are paramount, and this service helps you make more informed decisions when engaging with individuals, whether for employment, tenancy, or other purposes.
GlobalCheck, Autohost
GlobalCheck, Autohost

Credit History

Supported Regions: USA, Canada

Understanding an individual’s credit history is crucial, particularly when dealing with financial matters. Our Credit History service is available for both the USA and Canada, enabling you to assess an individual’s creditworthiness and financial responsibility.

International Background Check

Supported Regions: Global

While our GlobalCheck product caters to global identity verification needs, we currently offer the International Background Check service for regions outside of the USA and Canada. Please note that this service is expected to be sunset in Q1 2024. We encourage you to explore our more comprehensive GlobalCheck service for international background verifications.

GlobalCheck, Autohost
At Autohost, we are dedicated to providing reliable and user-friendly background check solutions to empower you to make confident decisions. Feel free to reach out to our team for any inquiries or to get started with our services. Trust Autohost for your background check needs!
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