From criminal records to employment history, we have you covered. Know your customer with Autohost.

What we do

Autohost takes the guesswork out of transactions, letting you know your customer. Our background checks give you a 360 degree view of anyone using your business, including educational records, criminal history and past employment. Our system also scans Interpol’s most wanted and terrorist watchlists. We give you the tools you need to complete safe and successful transactions.

How it works

Autohost performs thorough background checks in seconds. Before the transaction process can be completed, we prompt the customer to input their personal information. Our system uses this information to perform an exhaustive search of hundreds of records. Our background checks require no additional coding or software. Autohost’s system has access to records around the world. If something looks suspicious, we’ll flag it and alert you immediately. 


Restore your faith in customers with thorough background checks.

Seamless customer experience

Customers can complete the background check requirements on their personal devices. The entire process takes seconds, keeping your transactions fast and secure.


Clean Interface



Reduced Fraud

Eliminate fraudulent customers. Autohost’s background checks empower you to know your customers on a deeper level.

In-depth Searches

Autohost’s system has access to hundreds of records around the world. We search criminal records, employment history and terrorist watchlists to paint a complete picture of your customer.

Streamlined Operations

Autohost’s background checks are instantaneous, freeing up time and resources. Instead, focus on growing your business and perfecting the customer experience.

Automatic Messaging

We alert you the second a customer is flagged as high-risk, allowing you to decide whether to process the transaction.

Seamless Integration

Autohost seamlessly integrates with any workflow, requiring no additional software or code. Hassle- and complication-free.

Outstanding Customer Service

If you ever experience a problem, our team is here to help. Our agents operate around the clock to ensure you don't have to.

Better Workflow

Autohost was built to unify information into a single interface, removing guesswork and arming your team with the information they need to make the best decisions. The Background Check tool processes thousands of customers quickly and seamlessly. 

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