In Arizona, it is illegal for hosts to accept bookings from a guest who is on the sex offender registry

Autohost solves this.

Short-Term Rental Owners can streamline the guest screening process, comply with the law, and reduce the risk of housing individuals in violation of the specified regulations in Arizona

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Prohibited Uses

The law lists several prohibited uses for Short-Term Rentals, including housing sex offenders, operating sober living homes, selling illegal drugs, and hosting adult-oriented businesses or activities in exchange for consideration. 

Background Checks

Within 24 hours of each booking, the Owner is mandated to conduct a background check on every Guest to verify that there are no registered sex offenders among the guests. This emphasizes the importance of thorough guest screening procedures. By using Autohost this is completed in minutes, not hours.

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Alternative Compliance

The law provides an option for Owners to fulfill the background check requirement by providing evidence that the Online Lodging Marketplace (the platform through which the booking is made) conducted a sex offender background check on every Guest. This recognizes the role of online platforms in ensuring compliance.

Documentation Requirement

Owners are required to retain a full copy of the background check on each Guest for 12 months after the booking date. Failure to do so is considered a separate violation of this section. This highlights the importance of proper record-keeping for legal purposes.
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Consequences of Non-Compliance

Owners who permit a sex offender to occupy their Short-Term Rental are deemed in violation of this section, indicating that non-compliance can lead to legal consequences.

Now, how autohost helps comply with these requirements

Automated Background Checks

Autohost systems can automate the background check process for guests, ensuring that it is conducted within minutes. This reduces the burden on Owners to manually perform these checks.

Integration with Online Lodging Marketplaces

Autohost systems can integrate with online platforms, providing evidence of sex offender background checks conducted by the platform, thus meeting the alternative compliance option specified in the law


Autohost platforms typically offer features for secure record-keeping, ensuring that Owners retain a full copy of the background check for the required 12-month period, helping them stay compliant with the documentation requirement.

Cut the unnecessary stress and focus on what really matters: growing your business.

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