Airbnb ID Verification

Know Your Guest with Autohost

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At Autohost, we believe it’s important to verify your guests.


To help you protect your property, Autohost verifies the ID of every guest who books with you so that you know exactly who is accessing your property and what their intentions are. 


What is ID verification?

The hospitality industry is exposed to many risks. As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure these risks don’t impact your business, your neighbours or your community. To do this, Autohost recommends ID verification. This is the process through which we confirm that your guest is exactly who they say they are by collecting government-issued IDs, credit card details and additional personal information.


How does our ID verification work?

After the guest has booked your property, they are sent a link to our dynamic guest portal. Here, they must upload a valid government-issued ID. Autohost is able to identify government-issued IDs from almost all countries. 

If there is something questionable about the ID, we prompt the guest to send a selfie, ensuring the picture on their ID matches the picture they’ve sent. The guest will also be asked to answer a few personal questions, including name, address, phone number and email. Autohost’s proprietary algorithm uses this information, analyzing hundreds of data points to ensure that the guest is a real person, that it is their ID, and that they are booking from where they say they are. This information is cross-referenced with other documents they provide, such as their credit card details.

If the guest’s ID checks out, they breeze through the rest of the guest portal. If, however, there appears to be something suspicious or risky about the guest’s ID, they are flagged. Autohost then provides you with information on why they were flagged and what the recommended next steps are. Often, this will involve reaching out to the guest to receive further information that will help with the verification process. 

If the guest’s ID is not verified, Autohost will recommend cancelling the reservation, but the final approval is left to you.